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Which American Changer products will best suit my needs?

When purchasing a product by American Changer, please keep in mind the following:

  1. Customers. Keep in mind previous customer requests. Do you find yourself out of coins because so many people are searching for change? Or perhaps you receive requests to break down larger banknotes into smaller banknotes. These trends can help you provide practical solutions to your customers.
  2. Location. American Changer recommends a well-lit, high trafficked area to place your machine. Location is key, as it helps ensure that customers have easy access to utilize the machine.
  3. Size. Typically, the bigger the machine, the larger the capacity. If your business is heavily trafficked, we recommend a machine with a larger hopper (where the coins are collected) or stacker (where banknotes are stored).

Of course, there are many other considerations when choosing an American Changer product. Please contact American Changer’s Sales Department for assistance – (+1) 954-917-3009.

How do I purchase an American Changer product?

Please contact your local distributor to purchase an American Changer product. If you need assistance finding a distributor near you, please call the Sales Department – (+1) 954-917-3009.

How can I receive technical help?

Please contact your distributor for technical help. If you have further questions, call our service technicians at +1 (917) 954-3009 or email service@americanchanger.com.

Which industries are served by American Changer?

American Changer manufacturers bill-to-coin and bill-to-bill changers, cash & credit/debit card token dispensers, phone, pre-valued card dispensers, paystations, ticket dispensers, currency & coin counters and develops custom machines. We market our products and services to any industry throughout the world. If you have a unique market that requires a practical self-serve solution, American Changer will work to meet your specific needs. Contact our Sales Department at (+1) 954-917-3009 to further discuss how we can apply American Changer products to your industry.

Are American Changer products made in the United States of America?

American Changer products are manufactured at our corporate facility in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA.

How can I contact American Changer if my company is not based within the United States?

American Changer proudly serves the global community.

Please contact:

Phone:   (+1) 954-917-3009


Email:   info@americanchanger.com

How can I become a distributor for American Changer?

American Changer aligns itself with the most reputable distributors from around the world. If you wish to submit an application to become an authorized American Changer distributor, please contact our corporate office at +1 (954) 917-3009.

Can American Changer produce custom machines?

Yes, American Changer can produce custom machines for those seeking unique self-serve solutions. Please contact (+1) 954-917-3009 to discuss with a Sales Team representative.

Does American Changer sell tokens?

American Changer does not sell tokens. However, please click here to visit Hoffman Mint’s website. Hoffman Mint is a leading manufacturer of high quality, custom tokens.